Best resource: the BC Farmers Forum.  Visit, connect with other farmers from Northern and Central BC, and share ideas.

Because I  like sharing, here are the resources I'm  collecting and utilizing.  These are all Google Docs that you lovely people can view :)

List of links - these are helpful links I have found around the web, loosely organized into categories.  There are lots of webinar links!
Notes from sessions - the sessions included are open to the public, and are all about sharing info.  This started because I had lots of notes, but no way to organize/search them.
Seed starting spreadsheet - this started as a spreadsheet from You Grow Girl, and I've added info from other sources (listed in the spreadsheet)
Seed tracking spreadsheet - this is my attempt to organize the seeds that we have on hand.  If you have any suggestions for improvement, I'm all ears!!

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  1. Oh I love that you are helping others Mandi I am so happy for you. B